Case studies provide web design agencies with a wide range of great benefits. Few people like being sold to but a story combined with interesting and relevant statistics of a previous client project can convince business owners you’re the agency for them.

A strong case study provides in-depth insights and analysis of a design project process. They’re much more than a simple paragraph-length description of a project usually seen on the majority of web design agency sites. A case study can transform an attractive website picture into a complete all-round story of its features, benefits and results.

So what are some other great benefits of a web design agency case study?

1. Stories persuade skeptical prospects

Case studies provide a wonderful combination of storytelling and factual information sharing, quite unlike most other forms of copy. Good stories persuade people in one form or another to believe, accept or act in a certain way. A strong case study can do the same.

Prospects relate to real-world stories of clients in similar sectors who were struggling but then found their solutions by hiring your web design agency.

Telling the story of your client’s initial scepticism and finishing with their overwhelming endorsement of your work, is an extremely powerful method of converting visitors into clients. Through the case study they get to see the processes you went through from start to finish, and can visualise how this process will work for their business.

2. Case studies provide SEO benefits

An in-depth web design project case study on your website provides search engine optimization (SEO) benefits in much the same way as detailed articles. Case studies by their very nature are focused on a particular subject matter, problem solved, business type, and a core selection of design and marketing services.

All this works positively in ranking not only the individual page but your agency website as a whole.

The story-style structure of a good case study lends itself to the subtle placement of keyword phrases into the text. Keywords woven into the narrative improve your website’s visibility in the search engines for specific phrases.

3. Case studies can be repurposed again and again

One strong and in-depth case study can be repurposed over and over again in different formats. Repurposing content is an often underutilized way of getting more mileage out of popular articles and other well-received pieces of copy. A web design case study together with client endorsements can be recycled in a variety of ways.

An example might be creating a video version of the case study with a voice-over and animations or slides providing a visual story of the project.

Case studies can also be used in emails to subscribers, printed newsletters, brochures, leaflets, training materials, slide shows, infographics, eBooks, and in local media, to name but just a few possibilities. Just imagine the amount of material a small library of in-depth web design case studies could provide.

4. Case studies are highly shareable

Good case studies are interesting to read, even for businesses outside the industry of the client mentioned. This goes back to the storytelling nature of a case study, together with relevant and insightful statistics which paint a picture of a successful process, journey and conclusion. For this reason, they are highly shareable on social media and via other sharing channels.

When formatted properly and given a nice design, a well-written web design project case study can be a strong draw on social media channels for years to come, bringing in potentially thousands of new targeted visitors.

Snippets of the case study, including result stats and client quotes, can be used in social media graphics to make updates stand out. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social forum, small enticing parts of an in-depth case study can fuel social shares and interactions over and over again, for a long time.

5. Case studies can result in brand advocates

It might be tempting to see a case study as a one-way street. You’re asking a previous client to take time out of their busy schedule to answer questions and provide feedback and statistics. However, case studies are beneficial for both your web design agency and your old (or existing) client.

The business in question gets free PR and exposure online for their products and services. Case studies not only show your processes but also highlight the benefits the business brings to their customers.

As your web design agency case studies grow in ranking and popularity, so does the free advertising the client business enjoys. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship and this is an important point to mention when reaching out to previous or current clients, not that they’ll need much convincing.

This also leads to better and more long-term relationships where the businesses act as brand advocates, sharing your case studies themselves within their social and professional networks.

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