A beautifully designed website reminds me of a promising football team. There’s excitement as the website/team is assembled and everyone assumes it’s going to do well. The components – or the players – are, in themselves, very good and each one is obviously going to work towards the success of the whole.

But a year later and things just haven’t taken off.

In sport, the journalists and fans wonder what the hell went wrong, and call for heads to roll.

In business, the business owner throws his arms in the air and looks for another web design agency to improve things. More money is spent, and more often than not, the same problems occur the following year.

And it’s so confusing because the web design and graphics look really good. The website is fast, highly functional, and should be a runaway success.

Just like the football team who’ve spent millions on some of the best players and still end the season in mid-table or lower.

I was reminded of this performance conundrum this week when my favourite football team began its end of season review.

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (or Wolves for short), a soccer club based in the second tier of English football, have had a pretty rotten season. Last summer they were bought by a Chinese investment company worth billions, and fans soon began to dream of promotion to the Premier League.

And despite breaking their player transfer record, twice, in the opening months of the season, the team have just not performed. They’ve finished just below mid-table after fighting relegation for a number of months.

Next season will be better! That’s what I tell myself. There will be an overhaul of players and staff, and a revolution will take place to grab success by the horns … maybe (sigh).

Then I remember that even with the best players, it’s no guarantee things will work out.

Just like the best web development and design is no guarantee a website will meet with more leads and increased conversions.

And there’s a simple reason why.

It’s all down to communication.

The message is just not getting across to the right people.

In football terms, that’s the failing of the coach, who doesn’t get his tactical instructions heard or understood. Good players end up like headless chickens, running around for themselves, instead of the team.

In business website terms, it’s the failure to focus on the copy and give it the importance it needs. More often than not, web design is seen as the priority, both by the business owner and the web design agency.

This results in copy being written at the end of a website development and design process, instead of before, or in parallel. The copywriting then receives what’s left of a marketing budget. This inevitably leads to cheaper and inexperienced writers being given the task of quickly adding general text.

And that’s the killer blow.

Because it’s the words that do the converting and selling. The design’s job is to frame and support the words. It’s therefore no wonder a beautiful website then lacks the teeth needed to make a business more money.

It’s like the football club which focuses on buying what they consider are the best players, then quickly choosing any available coach just before, or even after, the football season begins.

The coach is the one who guides a team to success. It’s the coach who should have been chosen first.

Which is very similar to what my beloved Wolves FC did this year.

And its why fans can’t wait for the season to come to an end.

If you’re a business owner or a web designer who just can’t figure out why leads are down and conversions are low, then invest in an experienced copywriter.

If the design is good and everything else seems perfect, then it’s almost certainly the words on the page that are letting everyone down.

It’s the message that’s lacking.

Poor copy will render even the best web design useless.

But the problem is simple to fix.

As an experienced copywriter, I can help craft copy that will bring you more leads and increased conversions, thereby making your business more money.

Focus on what really matters.

Get in touch to discuss your project.