Bad website content reminds me of ugly 1950s concrete architecture.

It’s easy to create, quick to write and it’s everywhere you look.

Many business owners, including some architects and construction companies, tend to think general descriptions of their services and firm’s history will do the job.

And it will if you’re not looking for new clients via your website.

But if you want your site to be a sales generating platform, you need good quality website copy that correctly sells your services and gets you found in the search engines.

I was reminded of all this when reading about a Coventry-based architect who wants to improve the look and character of his city.

His ambitious plan is to introduce more Victorian-style luxury homes to replace derelict pieces of land and old concrete monstrosities dating back from the 50s and 60s.

And from example pieces, the change will look impressive.

The streets will be transformed. The buildings will hark back to the days before the war laid waste to the city. Old architectural styles which stand the test of time and leave tourists in awe in other less damaged cities across the UK and throughout Europe.

It’s all about balance as well. Newer more tasteful styles mixed with traditional designs. Anything but depressing concrete blocks which can be found in dozens upon dozens of British city centres.

And that’s why you need to differentiate your business website so you don’t appear to be like all the other regional businesses in your niche with dull concrete website content.

It all comes down to conveying your unique selling points and your company’s character, in a way that connects deeply with your client’s needs and desires.

This can never be achieved by merely rewriting and emulating what other architects or construction companies have written on their websites.

You need to be different.

Like a city that cherishes its past but also embraces tasteful modernity.

And enthralls its visitors.

Resulting in people taking notice of what’s important and taking the action you want them to take.