Airplane business blogging ideasWhat can you blog about on a plane?

As a busy business owner or marketer, you’ll know time is a luxury you don’t often have. It’s hard enough finding time to blog for your company website let alone come up with ideas for a post.

A great time to blog is actually when you’re 40,000 feet up in the air travelling at 900 km/h. There’s no internet, (hopefully) few distractions and a vague sense of temporary liberation from mundane day-to-day activities on the ground.

Plane blogging also provides you with the perfect topic to blog about.

Yep, air travel!

It doesn’t matter what your business is or what industry you’re in, there’s an air travel themed blog post with your name on it.

Want me to prove it?

Below are 5 different types of businesses. They include air conditioning contractors, driving schools, architects, graphic designers and virtual assistants. With each one are three separate blog post ideas. With a little lateral thinking, all can be modified to suit just about any business.

Let’s have a look.

Air Conditioning Contractors

What aircraft themed topics can the manager of an air conditioning company blog about? Here are 3 ideas:

  • 1. What should a person know about a plane’s air conditioning? Is the internal air clean or is it germ-laden? Write about the general AC systems of passenger aircraft and perhaps lay some myths to rest.
  • 2. How similar is a plane’s air conditioning system to the systems you install in residential and commercial buildings? Did one design influence the other? Talk about the progression of AC design over the years.
  • 3. What problems did you face, if any, on a recent plane journey you took? Did you get too hot or too cold? Suggest some practical tips people can employ to feel warmer or cooler on a flight.

Benefits for air conditioning contractors: Readers will like to see you have a broad and detailed knowledge of air conditioning technology. This will further their confidence in your abilities and also place you as an expert in what you do.

Example: The truth about cabin air provides an interesting and revealing example of a good related blog post.

Airport Parking Blog Posts

Driving Schools

How can a driving school possibly blog about air travel? “Don’t you have your cars and your planes mixed up Edward?”:

  • 4. How do pilots learn to fly passenger planes? Explore, perhaps in a light hearted way, how a pilot is trained. Are there any similarities with learning how to drive a car? Include interesting facts like: airline pilots can only fly 900 hours in a year. How many hours do you spend teaching people to drive?
  • 5. Think about your nearest major airport. What’s airport parking like there? Cover the various prices, locations and benefits/drawbacks. Focus especially on new drivers who might be nervous about leaving their cars in long-stay parking.
  • 6. Some people don’t like driving. They get nervous and agitated. In many ways the symptoms of this anxiety are similar to fear of flying. Suggest some relaxation and stress reduction techniques given to jittery fliers and how they can be used behind the wheel.

Benefits for driving instructors: People want to feel some affinity with a driving instructor before they begin lessons. This is especially the case with those apprehensive about being in control of a car. Blog posts, especially with some injections of personality, will help to allay shyness and nerves in potential students.


There are tons of great blog post possibilities for architecture firms when it comes to air travel. Here are just 3:

  • 7. What are some of your favourite airports? Talk about when you passed through them and the features you admired. Cover a little of their history and who designed them. Share photos and create a top 10 list.
  • 8. Plane cabins are an architectural feature in themselves. You can discuss how cabins have developed over time and the architectural principles involved. There are also old plane parts that have been turned into buildings you can showcase.
  • 9. Ignite your imagination and take a trip into the future. How might airports be designed in 50 or 100 years? How would you go about designing an ocean airport? Write this post when you’re 40,000ft in the air and inspiration is all around you.

Inspiration: The Architecture of Air Travel.

Benefits for architects: Blogging about your profession not only gives you an incentive to explore the world of architecture more but also fuels your creativity. As well as this it connects you with potential clients in a personal and entertaining way.

Graphic Designers

Air France Poster Graphic Design Blogging IdeasAs a creative graphic designer you’ll know that everywhere you go there’s inspiration and examples of fantastic design. Your firm’s blog is the perfect place to talk about it all.

  • 10. Share a few stories about your recent travels. Where did you go and what did you see? I’m pretty sure you would have taken a few photos of great graphics you saw. Post these on your blog and write a little about them.
  • 11. Have you worked with an airport or air travel related business before? If possible, discuss the project and the various aircraft themed designs you created. Blog posts are a great way to expand on a portfolio piece.
  • 12. Air travel has inspired designers of all persuasions, from the time of the Wright brothers through to the modern supersonic age. Share your favourite aircraft themed designs whether these are posters, stationery, furniture, carpets or even tattoos.

Benefits for graphic designers: Clients will be intrigued by the various designs you show on your blog, whether by your own team or by other designers in different fields. You’ll be broadcasting your creativity to the world and attracting new clients to your business.

Virtual Assistants

Perhaps you’re going on your holidays. That doesn’t mean however you can’t add a blog post to your VA business website. Here are 3 air travel themed ideas:

  • 13. How can business people make the most of their time when travelling by air? Detail some of the ways readers can organise their laptop so they can work efficiently whilst flying. Write about the software you recommend for frequent fliers.
  • 14. Part of your job is likely to include the arrangement of travel tickets and hotel stays. How do you personally go about doing this? Cover a time when you did this for a previous client and how it all worked out positively. What other virtual services can you provide for corporate air travellers?
  • 15. Have you ever worked with a client in the air travel industry? What services of yours were particularly beneficial to them? Write about how you can help professionals who are in some way connected to air travel.

Benefits for VAs: You have more space to showcase your skills and services applicable to a large yet defined audience. Many people wonder how they can better utilise time when seated in an aircraft cabin. Show them how and they’ll certainly appreciate it and remember you.

Example: You could write a handy guide on the cheapest days of the week to fly.

Mile High Business Blogging

As you can see, business blogging inspiration is not hard to find when you’re receptive to the world around you. Whether you’re the manager of a building company, a law firm executive director or the chief marketer for a holiday resort, you can include an air travel themed blog post in your blogging calendar.

Air travel is ubiquitous. Everyone has an interest in something related to passenger aircraft, airports or travel. Connect this now indispensable way of seeing the world with the needs and desires of your target audience.

Make your post educational and entertaining.

Above all, have fun, and make those otherwise tedious flying hours fly past in no time at all.

Safe journey!

Creative Commons image attributions: Airplane from Shai Barzilay | Transit vehicles, SeaTac from King County, WA | Air France poster from Jay Pitsby