The human part of design is so important.

I was reminded of this when reading a small piece in about the driving forces behind Turkish-born designer Ayse Birsel of Birsel + Seck.

She was asked to select three physical things she likes most and give her reasons why. One of her selections was ‘a cuppa’, in her treasured Herend porcelain teacup.

Talk of the cup brings back memories of a conversation she had when a young girl, wanting to be an architect. Over a cup of tea, a friend steered the conversation toward product design and in particular, the design principles of the simple cup. The curvature of the rim and the function of the handle.

It appears the friend opened her eyes to new ways of seeing things.

Things we take so much for granted.

“I’m just thankful for that afternoon tea. It made me fall in love with the human scale of design.” said Birsel of the conversation.

Her powerful words about a simple transformative conversation are a great reminder for us all of the human element to design.

The humanity of design is inherent to the field of interiors, where intimacy and meaning hold such importance. A space, especially in the home, is the stage where some of the most significant, memorable and emotional events in our lives take place.

It’s why people look for reasons to trust and like the designer they’re thinking of working with, to transform their living room, bedroom or kitchen.

And it’s why you need to connect with them on a human level with your marketing and website, in order to attract them.

Pretty galleries of your previous work are important as are the details of your services and the general outline of your professional experience. But there needs to be more to differentiate you from the hundreds of other interior designers with pretty galleries, service details and general outlines of their professional experience.

One powerful way is to explain the benefits of each service you provide. Merely listing what you can do leaves the potential client cold. But when you add a warm and personable explanation as to what exactly these services are and how they can really transform a client’s life, then you’re doing something 90% of other designers are not.

And that will make you stand out, like a good friend with a transformative perspective.

Homeowners will feel you understand them and that builds trust instantly.

So add personality to your website copy.

Make it ooze your ethos and unique character.

And your ideal clients will love you for it.

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