In this post I’ll show you how blog post ideas for your web design agency can come from simple daily activities.

A few days ago I went for a run. The run resulted in tired leg muscles, half a dozen spoken “good mornings” and 55 blog post ideas, all in the space of 45 minutes.

The key? Mindful creativity.

Being in the here and now whilst simultaneously allowing your imagination to form creative connections.

As the renowned American graphic designer Paul Rand explained: ‘The role of the imagination is to create new meanings and to discover connections that, even if obvious, seem to escape detection.’

Knowing what to blog about is a common problem for many business bloggers despite the results their web traffic stats might show them.

But the thing is, blog ideas are everywhere. They’re deceptively easy to come by when you’re receptive to them, when love your work, and when you know your target audience and their needs.

You’ll see what I mean as I show you how I came up with 55 blog post ideas for web design agencies during my morning run a few days ago.

8:24am Saturday

The sun’s out and there’s a nice chilly air. Perfect conditions for a run. I close the door behind me and set off to my usual running route which starts about 5 minutes’ walk from where I live.

Almost immediately I pass an elderly lady in a vivid red coat. (1. How does the colour red influence website visitors?) She’s out and about early. Off to the market perhaps. She has a rather severe spine curvature disorder, poor woman, bent almost double but she’s making the most of things (2. The anatomy of a perfect company website).

I have my earphones with me but like most days I go running they’ll likely remain unused (3. 10 surprisingly common website features that do nothing for your business). The sound of nature, people, traffic and my footsteps (4. How can a business add sound to their website without offending visitors?) is actually something I much prefer to music.

Now I’m walking down the high street. It’s quiet (5. The benefits of a minimalist website design for {insert industry}). People are still eating their breakfasts or setting off for the huge supermarkets on the outskirts of town.

I pass the town hall. It’s an old building that survived the heavy war bombing that hit this area in the 1940s. Standing tall and proud, beneath which the modern traffic swarms past (6. Innovative navigation menus for ecommerce websites). Next to it are the county council offices which are contained within another beautiful building from distant history. One which is said to be haunted (7. Why hiring a cheap web designer will come back to haunt you). Seeing as it’s around 600 years old, if not older, then I’m not surprised (8. The importance of updating an old website design).

Whenever I go past, especially in the dark, I peer from a distance into the top right window (9. The benefits and drawbacks of modal windows for business websites). That’s the room in which most unexplained happenings have occurred. I don’t believe in ghosts but I always expect to see something (10. 10 features customers expect to see on a website in {insert year}).

Passing the butchers now. The faint whiff of meat being chopped for the morning customers. Pig carcass parts neatly arranged in the window (11. What should go on the homepage of a service company website?). Nearby is the bakers. A much more pleasant smell wafting out of their doors (12. Design tricks to draw visitors deeper into a website).

Nearly there now. Just navigating around the church with its slanting gravestones (13. 10 costly website navigation errors to avoid). No church bells to be heard. They ring tomorrow.

I’ve been into the Polish shop (14. How website design is inspired by local cultural influences), over there by the bank. A few times in fact, especially after visiting Poland and Serbia. Great sausages (15. 25 great examples of tasty looking graphics for food industry websites) and a handy way to get rid of spare Polish currency (16. 10 beautiful currency symbol fonts for multinational company websites).

Down some steps into an underpass beneath a busy road now. There are some attractive mosaics on the walls showcasing some of the town’s history (17. Examples of how mosaic art can inspire web and graphic design). As I come out the other side I can see my running route.

Now I’m wondering if she’s around.

I get out my smartphone and bring up my favourite fitness app (18. 50 apps and tools our design team use every day). As I begin to run I realise I didn’t do any stretches. Typical. I keep going (19. What do clients need to prepare before they contact a website designer?). It’s good to be running again after a week of relative physical laziness. Okay make that a month.

As I start running I wonder if humans really are designed to be lazy (20. Quick and easy website design tips for the do-it-yourself business owner). That’s something I vaguely heard someone mentioning recently. Based on a scientific study supposedly (21. The psychology behind modern website design). All about conserving energy for the next hunt during our early days. Well, this is me hunting … or am I being chased? Hunting definitely. Actually, either will do.

The funny thing is, even when moving, we do so in the most economical way possible (22. Small website design modifications that can boost lead generation). Our bodies choose the most efficient way to walk or run. Somehow I think that bit skipped me by. Tired already and it’s only been 5 minutes! (23. Clever design tricks to encourage visitors to stay longer on your website)

As I run, I pass familiar faces (24. The power of human faces in web design). People I’ve never spoken to beyond the customary ‘Morning!’ greeting (25. 10 design elements every contact us page needs). Some are fellow runners while others are dog walkers, cyclists and elderly folk (26. Designing websites with the elderly customer in mind) enjoying the early morning air.

There’s the homeless guy. Always around here, walking. He never stops walking (27. 10 web design tips to help your website load faster). He walks into town and back out of town, all day, mumbling to himself, smiling shyly but with something a little ominous behind it (28. Are your website graphics giving off the wrong signals?).

Ah here she is. I was wondering if I’d see her today. The eccentric Chinese woman (29. 15 examples of UK business websites inspired by Chinese art and culture) who loves her Tai Chi. You probably think I’m stereotyping (30. Common misconceptions clients have about website designers and their work) but she really does do it. Sometimes she’s with her husband, sometimes alone. We passed each other by without even a glance for many months (31. Search engine optimisation tips for your new company website) but recently we started saying ‘Morning!” to one another.

I think some people avoid giving this greeting for as long as possible (32. 5 ways companies suffer when they delay getting website design updates). Once you say it once, you have to say it all the time. But she does seem genuine in her enthusiasm for saying hello (33. 10 personality traits of great web designers you’ll want to hire). Her smile radiates as she lifts her arms towards the rising sun and comments on the chilly air.

Well, would you believe it, there’s another familiar face (34. The importance of consistent web design in successful branding). The Evangelical Christian pastor (35. 25 inspiring examples of church/synagogue/temple website designs). He’s one of the few people I’ve actually stopped and conversed with on this route. I think he was trying to convert me the first time we chatted but soon realised I was a lost cause (36. How to spot a useless website designer in 7 simple steps). He’s a good fellow and very friendly.

I’ve not seen him for a while as he’s been holidaying (or preaching) (37. The process we take to research our client’s business niche) in Florida for the last few weeks. He asks if I’ve been to Israel recently as he knows it’s one of my favourite places to visit. We exchange pleasantries (38. The 10 commandments of a successful client/web designer relationship) and then it’s back to the running. I still can’t remember the Jesus book he recommend to me.

Just 2 months ago I was running over 5 miles. Now I’m struggling to hit 3 miles (39. How to interpret Google analytics results after a new website design). That’s what having a lazy August does to you. Time to rebuild my stamina. I push on through the aches and breathlessness (40. 7 signs your website design is overwhelming your readers) feeling oddly empathetic to the curved spine woman.

There’s a big road near part of my route. Heavy lorries (41. How does web design need to be modified, if at all, for heavy traffic websites?) driving past from all parts of the country and continental Europe. I try not to breathe too heavily in this area but then that just makes running harder. It’s always interesting to look at the graphics and wording on the lorry sides, many of them in different languages (42. Can you design the English and German versions of our website differently?). Those red Norbert Dentressangles are everywhere you go.

I did it! Over 3 miles. 3.5 miles to be exact. Oh bloody hell I have to sit down! What an embarrassment (43. 12 embarrassing web design mistakes you really need to avoid). Never mind, back to it in a couple of days and a bit more each time (44. How often should a company website be redesigned?).

As I amble back home I again pass through the town centre (45. 20 great examples of cityscape graphics on small business websites). Saturday morning market traders are putting up their stalls. Most seem to sell fruits and vegetables but there’s also some pies, cakes, sweets and honey (46. How to make your website super sticky with interactive graphics). There’s another stall selling mystic charms, incense, tarot cards, (47. When is white text on a black/dark background ever okay?) astrology books and Celtic music.

There are some pumpkins for sale. 5 in a row for parents to buy in time for Halloween in a month (48. 15 ways to temporarily incorporate Halloween/Christmas/Easter graphics into your web branding).

The chilled air (49. How your local climate can be mirrored in your web design) is turning warmer as the sunshine gets stronger. The pavement is reflecting the sunlight making everything look very bright and dazzling (50. The importance of getting contrasts right in website design). Got to be careful crossing the road when it’s impossible not to squint.

Now onto my street. An elderly woman is fixing her shoe laces (51. 5 bad things that can happen if you try to code your own website) on a property’s low wall. I’m tempted to tell her it’s easier to break in around the back (52. Simple yet effective techniques to improve the security of your website) but my humour will more than likely be met with concerned silence, so I keep schtum and smile (53. Minimal copy: 10 great examples of web design doing the talking).

I look at the trees which are beginning to show subtle variations of green, brown and yellow (54. 15 great online tools for choosing an ideal colour scheme). Summer is having its last hurrah but you can feel autumn beginning to seek the limelight (55. Design philosophy #6: How we establish focal points on a homepage). It’s a beautiful season.

Home. Tired legs. Bit sweaty. 55 new blog post ideas.

This post was originally published 27 September 2015.