Small businesses with a presence online are frequently hesitant to add a blog section to their website. This is despite a whole raft of benefits to blogging for businesses of all sizes and types. Many website owners question the point of keeping a regularly updated blog and believe it takes too much time and resources to implement.

For narrow niche websites, there’s also the problem of just what to write about each and every week which will interest readers and potential customers enough to keep coming back.

In this post I have selected 5 of the major benefits of blogging for your business website. Hopefully this will help you to realize just how effective it can be. Blogging on a frequent basis needn’t be the bother and concern you might at the moment imagine, especially in the hands of an experienced and skilled professional blogger.

So just what are the benefits blogging will bring to your business website and brand?

Build Trust

In the same way we trust a friend who offers advice and gives us helpful solutions, so too do people form a bond of trust with a business blog providing regular interesting updates and helpful information.

A successful blog is able to see the point of view of the reader and potential customer. This produces a feel-good factor which additionally builds up levels of trust, thereby increasing the rate at which you sell your products or services.

Display Expertise

Frequent blog updates will establish you and your business as an expert in your particular market. With high quality and entertaining information you’ll become a credible authority in the minds of your customers. This fostering of credibility will ensure an increase in sales, as you teach your growing number of readers about new products, services, or developments within your niche.

What’s more, you can use each individual blog post to direct readers to other parts of your website such as a product page, thus increasing visibility to the rest of your online content.

Spread the Brand Message

A blog allows a business to keep their brand name at the forefront of their customer’s awareness. By consistently providing quality information and exclusive tips to their readers, a website can be the first name that comes to mind when the customer is finally ready to make a purchase.

The branding via the blog will have, as mentioned previously, increased the feeling of stability and trust in the business’s identity and capability. This is a major factor in building customer loyalty.

Over time you can continue to showcase your products and services to an ever-trusting customer base that have already been hooked into your brand and its message.

Increase Search Engine Rankings

The more a website is updated, the more the search engines such as Google appreciate the site. A blog is the best way to keep your business website fresh and attractive to the content-hungry search engine spiders.

Your readers are also looking for frequently updated content connected to your niche subject. The more great content you provide them, the more they will visit and share your blog posts on social media sites. All this together increases the strength of your business in the search rankings.

For example, data from HubSpot suggests websites that blog up to between 10-15 times per month, get 5 times more traffic as those that don’t blog at all. The blog posts you create now will be permanent and will continue to make your blog archives a profitable source of traffic for your business for many years to come.

Encourage Customer Interaction

A business with customers who feel listened to and responded to, will be a lot more successful than one which is seemingly unreachable and cold. Adding a blog to your website will create a sense of community for your business where customers will feel they can reach out to you and be kept updated in a more informal and intimate way.

Emotional connections with your readers, which are best achieved by building trust through consistent quality content, are what will increase customer loyalty and expand your business. Blogs also have comment sections which can provide excellent forum in which to discover what your customers are asking and talking about. This can furnish you with great ideas for future products and services.

Blogging is a Must

Adding a blog to your business website and keeping it frequently updated will, as you have discovered, bring more visitors to your site, maximise your brand’s reach, and cultivate trust among your valued customers.

Paying for traffic is expensive and lasts for a brief moment in time. However, the quality content you create by blogging will last for as long as your website is live, and can continue to attract thousands of potential customers each and every year.

For a business of any size, large or small, maintaining an active blog will help you beat your more powerful competitors who do not make use of this dynamic sales and customer generating platform.

Creating content doesn’t need to be a pain in the neck or an extra burden on your time. By hiring a professional blogger you can leave the hard work to someone else while gaining all the benefits of a frequently updated website filled with quality information and advice, aimed specifically at your target audience.

I can help you with this. I’m a professional freelance blogger with over 10 years of blogging experience. Contact me to find out more at edward(at)edwardbeaman(dot)com