Are you a web designer looking for some blog post ideas for your agency website?

If so then you’re going to find this particular blog post very helpful.

Coming up with good blogging ideas can be difficult especially when you don’t have a lot of time to spare. You might have a broad idea of what your visitors and potential clients would like to read but there’s a lingering uncertainty over just how to keep their interest.

Just what should a website design agency blog about?

The following 31 blog post ideas, with examples, are catered specifically to your industry with your target audience in mind.

1. Website design advice

I’m starting with the most obvious idea. However, it’s actually one that’s sorely lacking on many web design blogs. Advise people on the different styles, graphics, structures and functions a website can have. People want to be inspired and guided through the possibilities that exist. They also want to know you really do understand the many complexities of designing a website.

Reynolds Digital, for example, writes about the impact of colour on web design.

2. Client projects you’re working on

When you can, update your readers about what you’re working on for a client at any given moment. Talk about the requirements and how you’ve put together attractive and functional solutions. Talk honestly about any difficulties.

Potential clients will get to see how you work and get to like your skills and ethos.

3. Internal projects you’re working on

Have you been working on a new in-house development recently? Reveal some of the details to your readers and explain how the new system or technology will improve your web design agency and how it’ll benefit clients.

Readers will see you as innovative and will be excited by what you can do for them as well.

4. Marketing and SEO tips

Website owners not only want their sites to look great but they want them to be successful too. You can attract new clients by covering some other subjects they’ll have a natural interest in. These can include marketing, social media, SEO and copywriting.

Blog posts like this will attract readers who will turn into future clients of yours when they realise they need a professional website designed.

5. Company news and developments

The majority of business blogs consist of company news. That’s boring to most readers. However, when used sparingly together with other great posts, they can offer a rich insight into the nature of your web design agency.

Make sure the news is something worthwhile such as a move to new premises or a rebranding, as was the case with The Web Kitchen.

6. Awards you have won

No one likes a show off but when you’re winning awards as a business it’s good to tell the world. Again, like with company news, if you’re really doing well then make sure you have plenty of other blog post types so you won’t appear overly narcissistic.

BrightByte Studio provides a nice example of an award post.

7. Awards your clients have won

Has a client of yours recently won a major award? If so, be generous with your congratulations, especially if the accolade was as a result of your design skills. Write a post about the award and its significance.

A good albeit brief example comes from Avatar New York.

Even if not related to your services, the award post will show you work with successful clients.

8. Previous social media design projects

Do you offer social media design services too? Write a few posts covering how you developed the Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles and pages for different types of businesses. Share some screenshots and highlight cross platform engagement strategies you incorporated.

Codastar did this very well in regards to their client’s social media profiles.

9. How you work

Build a series of posts around your creative thought and design processes you utilise with every project. Describe what you do when researching an industry and how you interact with clients. What tools or applications do you use the most? Potential clients will be intrigued and a lot more trusting as a result.

Freelance web designer Ryan Gittings has a fantastic example of such a post.

10. How you designed your own website

As professional website designers it’s likely your website is going to be an example of design excellence. What better way to advertise your skills than by writing about the development and design of your home on the web. Go into detail and impress people with your knowledge and talents.

Shape Design Studio is a shining example. Their blog post about how they designed their new website is exceptionally good.

Web design moodboard blog post idea

11. Create a web design moodboard

Moodboards are not just the domain of interior and fashion designers. Some website designers create them as well. If you do, then share some with your readers. Talk about what your client needed and the various different possibilities you explored.

Such moodboards show your creativity and are perfect for sharing on social media. The Infinpixels web design team offer inspiration for this type of blog post.

12. Resource list

A good way to show off your knowledge and expertise in your web design industry is to create a resource list. These can either be set on a page or in a blog post. Visitors adore these especially if they are catered to what they’re needing help with the most.

Designer Sarah Evans created a resource list for people interested in following a website design career themselves. Think of what your readers would find most helpful.

13. Top 10 posts

People love list posts. They are a favourite blogging style for readers and bloggers alike. You can take advantage of this by creating some fabulous (and sometimes funny) lists based on website design or related subjects. How about ‘10 reasons you should marry a website designer’? You don’t have to stop at 10 either.

Jask Creative has a good example of this style with their top 10 list of adverts.

14. Guest Post

Tired of the same voices week in and week out? Offer your readers a little variety with a guest post here and there. Invite fellow professionals in related fields to website design to give their thoughts on matters they think will interest your readers.

People to invite might include freelance writers, SEO specialists, email marketers or social media experts. Web design company Ubisan invited a voiceover artist and copywriter to guest post on their blog.

15. Employee guest posts

You might have a secret skilled blogger among your non-blogging colleagues. Get a couple roped in to providing a guest post every now and then. They may surprise both you and themselves. They can write about their daily work routine, projects, background, and knowledge.

Toolkit Websites invited an apprentice to blog about her experiences.

16. Interview an employee

This is similar to an employee guest post but instead you interview them yourself. The post can be in the form of pre-written questions merely answered by the employee or it can be a video/podcast recorded interview with the two of you speaking candidly.

Orbit Media Studios has a great example of the former from when they interviewed one of their team members.

17. Interview a fellow professional

This is a cross between the guest post and the employee interview. Invite an outside professional in a related field to yours for an interview, whether written or better still, via podcast or video. Try to solve some of your readers’ most pressing concerns or questions.

A good example can be watched on the Top Left Design blog where the most common mistakes small businesses make with their websites are discussed.

18. New staff announcements

I could have classed this as a ‘company news and developments’ style post but it’s different. When you get a new member of staff a blog is a great way to introduce them in a very personal manner. You get to tell readers about their skills, their interests, and what they’ll be adding to your website design agency.

You’ll see what I mean when you read White October’s post about their new project manager.

19. Mention charity work

Do you or your team do any charity work? If so then you should definitely include updates about this in your agency blog. Philanthropy work is endearing in any type of company and it’ll mark you out as something special among many potential clients.

Solo-web designer Rob Fenech blogs about his charity work.

Web Design podcast blog post idea

20. Create a podcast

I’ve mentioned podcasts a couple of times already. Some of the top marketers use them on their websites to discuss trends, tips, and strategies. A podcast is basically a radio show which you partake in every week or month.

People tune in and listen to your talks with employees, expert guests, and whoever you think will be of interest to your fans and future clients.

Have a look at Lighthouse London for a good example.

21. Write a review of a product you use

Have you been excited by a product recently? If related to your work then you can write a review for the benefit of your readers. Explain why you like the product or service, what it does, the benefits and drawbacks, how it can help your clients, and any other bits and pieces you can think of. If you loved it, then other people are sure to as well.

Ben from Boshanka shows how it can be done in his software review blog post.

22. Detail a conference you attended

Write about a conference you recently attended. Describe what it was about, what the atmosphere was like and who were the main speakers. Mention what you learnt and whether you were inspired. If you took photos then share some of the best ones. Potential clients will like to see you’re staying up-to-date with your industry.

A Cyber Duck blog post covers a two-day conference their blogger attended in Cardiff which celebrated 25 years of the World Wide Web.

23. Talks you’ve given

Have you or one of your colleagues given a talk recently at a web design conference or something similar? If you have, then share the video of the speech or presentation with your readers. Write about how it went, what it achieved and what people got from it.

You’ll present yourself as a leader in your field, rather like Kalexiko did when they blogged about their talk to an audience of young entrepreneurs.

24. Predictions

A great way to exercise your imagination, showcase your expertise and intrigue your readers is to create a prediction blog post. What website design trends do you see occurring in the next 12 months? What web innovations might occur in the next decade?

Make some calculated predictions which might benefit your readers and clients. Gravitate Design’s prediction blog post is one to emulate.

25. Create an infographic

Infographics are very popular, extremely shareable and make excellent blog post content. Many bloggers would sell their grandmother to be able to make great infographics. You as web designers have the skills and tools to create them, and quickly too. Take advantage of this.

I like this ‘5 terrifying website content mistakes’ infographic from the Educo blog.

26. Fun inside the office

A company blog is about building a relationship with your readers. It’s meant to be conversational in tone and relaxed. This includes showing the lighter side of your office or studio. Write a blog post every now and then about some funny goings-on among your colleagues.

Here are some website designers playing with an olloclip lens and blogging about it.

27. Your favourite things

Have you and your colleagues recently had a discussion about your favourite movies, books, music, food or gadgets? Turn the results of the discussion into a blog post. This will entertain your readers and show you as talented and hardworking designers who also have wider interests.

The team at Sequence share their favourite albums for example.

28. Write about your local region

You most likely want to attract clients from your general region. A great way to do this is to write more about the city or area where you’re based. You might blog about a new art gallery, the best restaurants, a marketing conference, a Christmas market or a big sporting event.

Read Manchester-based Carbon Creative’s blog post for a nice example.

29. Comment on general design

You’re creative. Design is your passion. I’m sure you’re following trends and creations outside website design as well. Blog about your opinions and observations regarding these designs. Be honest with whether you love them or hate them. Clients will like to know you have a wider design interest.

JBI Digital blogged about the new Airbnb logo.

30. Provide freebies

Do you have some icons, backgrounds or button graphics you created a while back but did nothing with? If you know you’re never going to use them then think about giving them away as a freebie to your readers or email subscribers.

You can even ask for credit to be given whenever they use them which will give you a backlink. Rare Form provides an example.

31. Workplace advice

Your clients are largely working in office environments. They can be stressful and distracting. Occasionally write some blog posts about how to relax or be more productive during office hours. Relay some of your own tips and techniques you and your colleagues have found helpful.

When written well you’ll have stressed out CEOs and marketers coming to read your advice.

Wow, is that the end already?

Time for action

Incorporating just a few of these 31 blog post ideas into your blogging calendar will add interest and variety to your agency’s blog. Many will also bring your audience closer to you as not only web designers but also people.

When potential clients get to know and like you through your blog posts they’re more likely to trust and then hire you.

Need a professional blogger?

Do you have the time, energy and passion to maintain a regular blogging schedule? If not and you’re worried you don’t have the skills required to make blogging work for your agency, then it might be time to hire a professional blogger.

I can work with you to develop a blogging strategy appropriate to your target audience and the design services you provide. I can also write the blog posts as well as carry out a blog audit to see where you can improve existing content.


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Creative Commons image attributions: Moodboard from Lynn Wallenstein | Pug podcast from zoomar.