Web Design Agency AnniversaryIt’s my 35th birthday today so I’ve decided to write about anniversaries.

In this post I’m going to share 15 fantastic blog post ideas for web design agencies preparing to mark a milestone.

But first, why blog about a company anniversary?

Blogging is, as you know, a long-term content marketing strategy which builds relationships with prospects and existing clients. It’s about humanising your business and connecting with your readers on a more personal level.

What better way to develop that bond than by sharing your significant moments?

You and your team are going to be happy, enthusiastic and proud of your achievements on your company’s birthday. People understand that and expect it.

By being so public with it you not only show the more personal side of your brand but also reveal the expertise gained and the successes enjoyed.

The longevity of a business can say a lot in itself.

Right, so we understand why it’s good to blog about your design agency anniversary now. What about some examples?

Design agency anniversary blog post examples

1. Jelly Media

Jelly Media, a digital design and marketing agency based in Lancashire, have written a nicely worded synopsis for their 15th anniversary. It talks about how the company started off as a design duo who managed to find success in the video games market. This acted as springboard for further growth, more varied services and a larger team.

Jelly Anniversary

The ‘synopsis’ style works well for successful companies in two ways. It reminds existing clients of just how good they’ve got it and impresses visiting prospects who are looking for an experienced and able design agency.

Jelly manage to mention their international clients and the work they do within their local community. What’s more, they even have a ‘What’s next’ section to whet the appetite.

2. Fifteen Design

Fifteen Design, a London and Nottingham based design and marketing agency, have pulled out all the stops for their 10th anniversary. They’ve not only devoted a mini-website to their milestone but have also developed special edition ales in partnership with a local brewery. How’s that for marketing!

Fifteen Anniversary

They let graphics do most of the talking but they have a decent amount of text to fill in the backstory and to share information about their upcoming party and raffle. A nice touch at the end is thanking everyone who has been a part of their journey.

The mini-website is a visual treat showing some important, and not-so-important-but-fun statistics, from their decade in business. Original, fun and successful, just how you want a design agency to be, and this anniversary blog post + mini-website shows that off perfectly.

3. Leverage New Age Media

This is an anniversary blog post celebrating an employee rather than the company itself. Leverage New Age Media are a design agency from Missouri in the United States and they provide a nice example of how smaller web design businesses can mark milestones.

Leverage Anniversary

The post is personal and conversational. It’s a little story of how one creative soul became two creative souls which is how many design agencies come about.

And what a great success the new partnership has been after only one year. Revenue has increased as has the client list. So what makes this new employee so awesome? Lucky you should ask as half the blog post is devoted to just that subject. If you’re celebrating a new team member’s first year then you can’t go far wrong emulating this post.

Good stuff!

Now it’s onto the anniversary blog post ideas you can use. The fun bit! I’ll just jump right in.

Blog post ideas for web design agency anniversaries

1. Review your agency’s history and its evolution whilst also looking to the future and what you have planned. (Example: Jelly Media)

2. Gather some interesting and fun statistics about your agency since its conception, even if some are estimates, and arrange them into a fun mega graphic presentation. (Example: Fifteen Design)

3. Share photos of your agency party, wherever it is, with cleverly annotated mini-bios of team members superimposed on the images.

4. What famous events took place around the world during the week when your agency was founded? Create a graphic with descriptive text accompanying it. Make it light-hearted and humorous.

5. Conduct an interview with each of your design agency team members. Ask them questions about their career, their life and their favourite things in the world of design and culture. Make it a series leading up to your anniversary.

6. Write a little about your company’s history and then take readers on a guided tour of what makes your design agency what it is. This can be a video tour where you show your studio, staff, the building and local places where you hang out together.

7. Create a contest. Ask a series of questions concerning your agency’s history or staff and get people to answer via blog comments or social media. The first readers to give correct answers receive a gift.

8. Write about a local charity you’ve been donating to over the years. Highlight the great things it does. Make that the focus of your anniversary blog post.

9. Detail how the web design industry has changed since your company was born. What have been the most significant developments which have benefited businesses? Create a graphic timeline.

10. Write a very personal post about your life philosophies. What does happiness, love or success mean to you? Open up and write from the heart. Who are the special people in your life? Who has been with you through the good and the bad?

11. Inspire young budding web designers who might still be at school. Write a post for a younger audience about how they can get started in your industry and ways they can begin to emulate your success.

12. Make a prediction about the future of your design agency and the general web design industry at large. What do you hope to achieve in the next year or decade? What potential new design techniques might be available in the near future? How will this all benefit your clients?

13. Ask half a dozen of your previous clients you’re still in touch with to send some special testimonials for your anniversary. These might be in the form of 1 minute videos or merely a paragraph or two about why you’re so wonderful.

14. Or get together with previous or current clients and conduct a group chat/interview. Record it on video or podcast. Talk about design, business, life and anything you think will interest your target market.

15. Begin to prepare for your anniversary in 10 years from now. Take a team photo every 3 months in exactly the same pose. Then in a decade you’ll have 40 intriguing shots of your agency history, evolution, new/old staff and changing fashions/hairstyles/backgrounds.


Anniversaries, whether for web design agencies or any type business, are a great excuse to showcase the more personal side of your company. Too many businesses waste the opportunities a big milestone presents with silly photos of a cake and a boring formal announcement.

Don’t be that business!

I’ve shared with you 15 great anniversary blog post ideas that will not only be fun to create but will also be intriguing for your readers.

It’s about branding and bringing down the defensive barrier a potential client naturally has.

When a prospect is trying to decide between you and your equally as talented competition, then blog posts like these can sway things very much in your favour.

Try one out and see.

Feel free to use any of these ideas.

Oh … and Happy Anniversary!!

Creative Commons image attribution: Champagne glass from Susana Fernandez