London Events MayDo you know what your business will be blogging about in May?

If not and you’re based in London, then luckily for you I have some great ideas.

In this post you’ll discover 10 events taking place in the capital during the month of May. You can use these exhibitions, shows, talks and displays as inspiration for articles your readers will enjoy reading.

Each event, with a little lateral thinking, can be connected to your particular industry. Examples are provided.

Here we go…

1. London Coffee Festival

If you and your staff rely on coffee to keep your business flourishing then why not write a coffee-themed blog post? You don’t need to be a coffee shop or coffee importer either.

The London Coffee Festival takes place during May and features a large variety of events incorporating fashion, music, design and food. Pop along if you can and write about your experiences there.

Example: A cake company can write about their coffee-flavoured cakes or which cakes are best eaten with a mug of a certain type of coffee.

2. Museums at Night

If, like me, you’ve ever wondered if museum exhibits come alive at night then these late evening events will be for you. Numerous London museums will be hosting talks, tours and drinks after-hours during mid-May.

Share with your blog readers some of the events taking place or describe a talk you attended. Take photographs and write about what interested you the most and what you believe would inspire or educate your audience.

Example: A clothing company can blog about a visit to a Mad Men themed night at the Museum of Brands. People are encouraged to arrive in 1960s costumes.

Chelsea Flower Show Blog Post Ideas

3. RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Green fingered? The world famous Chelsea Flower Show takes place during the latter half of May. It showcases horticultural excellence in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

You don’t have to be a gardening business to take advantage of this floral theme for your company blog. Mention the 5-day show and add some personal experiences of your gardening expertise (or lack of) whilst connecting it with something relevant to your business or industry.

Example: A design agency can review a product they developed for landscape gardeners or botanists.

4. London Craft Week

This is a new annual event taking place from the 6th to the 10th of May in various venues across London. It’s a celebration of craftsmanship covering a range of skills including silversmiths, glassblowers, perfume makers, ceramicists and many more.

Single out a particular craft you like and visit one of the venues. Blog about your experience and connect what you see, in some way, with your business. Share a photo of anything you bought and describe what you learnt.

Example: An engineering company can blog about a presentation by a Swiss master watchmaker and talk about how precision and time are important facets in Civil engineering.

5. FA Cup Final

Wembley will be hosting Arsenal and Aston Villa as they battle for the FA Cup on the 30th of May. Most people who don’t support either team will favour one or the other, most likely the underdog. A worldwide TV audience will tune in.

Hate football? It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to write about the intricacies of the game. Connect the sport with something relevant to your business. If you do go to Wembley, then share some photos and experiences.

Example: A graphic design team can blog about attending the match and the various sporty advertising graphics they saw along the way.

London Dog Show Blog Post Ideas

6. London Pet Show

Barks, meows and whatever sound bunnies make will be all the rage at the London Pet Show during the weekend of the 9-10th. There’s even duck herding and creepy crawly talks to keep everyone entertained.

Approximately 46% of households in the UK have a pet so a pet related blog post will catch the eye of many a potential customer, regardless of your business. Visit the Pet Show and write about the events and attractions there.

Example: A clothing company blog can humorously evaluate whether dog and cat owners dress to match their pets.

7. Covent Garden May Fayre and Puppet Festival

Everyone knows of Punch and Judy. The annual Covent Garden May Fayre and Puppet Festival, which takes place on Sunday 10th of May, is a celebration of all things puppetry. It’s a fun day out for all the family and includes folk music, dancers, clowns, jugglers and stalls.

It also provides some great material for a company blog post. If the weather is nice, take some photos and videos. Share the best on the blog and connect puppetry with your business and its audience, in some way.

Example: A medical equipment company can quirkily highlight its advanced foam wound dressings after watching puppets bash one another over the head.

8. Electric Run

This is a 5km run with a difference. 15,000 runners weave their away around a nocturnal but illuminated course full of colourful lights and electrifying music. At the end there’s a huge party with live DJs.

If you’re a small business owner you can write a more personal blog post about your new fitness regime or how you’re building up to run a marathon. Connect it in some way to your line of work.

Example: An electrical company can use the event to write about fun ways to make use of electricity.

Another example: An interior designer can take photos of participants with extra-creative light outfits and share how they could be used in home decor.

Alice in Wonderland Blog Post Ideas

9. The V&A Museum of Childhood Lewis Carroll Anniversary

The 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is being marked at the V&A Museum of Childhood throughout May. There will be various exhibitions displaying illustrations, dolls, garments, photographs and much else.

Reminiscing about your childhood reading Alice in Wonderland is a nice way to connect with your readers who might share similar memories. Think of ways to bring the magic of Wonderland into a post related to your business and customers.

Example: A textile company can blog about beautiful examples of Alice in Wonderland themed linens, quilts, furniture covers and shawls.

10. 2015 General Election

Booo politics! Actually, politics can be a great topic for a business blog post, in any industry. As long as you don’t get too heavy or polarising, it can provide some interesting talking points for your readers.

The 2015 General Election gives you the chance to talk about policies affecting London and your target audience. Tap into what your customers are worrying about most and offer some useful tips and information that’ll benefit their lives.

Example: An architect or town planning agency can write about each party’s housing policies and what they might mean in reality.

Events and Blog Posts

Nearly every event can be turned into a business blog post. Readers like to see the human side of your company. As long as you provide helpful advice and truly entertaining stories, you’ll find these event-related posts can really boost your content marketing efforts.

The locational factor (London events) will attract local customers and clients.

Add some to your blogging calendar (you do have one right?) and test how well they work.

What other events are taking place this May? What blog ideas can you think of to go with them? What’s happening of interest in your area of the world?

Share your ideas in the comment section below.

Creative Commons image attributions: London red bus from Metro Centric | Chelsea Flower Show 2014 from Herry Lawford | Dog from angela n. | Alice in Wonderland from Shawn Calvert